Bilateral Relations between Croatia and Albania

The Republic of Albania has recognized the Republic of Croatia on 21 January 1992; diplomatic relations between the two countries have been established on 25 August 1992.

The relations between Croatia and Albania have been traditionally good and friendly. Croatia and Albania share a common foreign policy priority - to contribute to the stability, peace and economic prosperity of the region. Both countries envisage the future of the Western Balkans countries in the European Union.

Croatia strongly supports the Albanian Euro-integration process, in the EU institutions in Brussels and through technical assistance on expert levels.

Croatia and Albania additionally share a common interest in development projects like the Adriatic-Ionian Highway, the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline, the exploitation and protection of the Adriatic Sea etc. A significant part of the cooperation between the two countries is related to cooperation within the NATO framework, the American-Adriatic Charter and other regional fora.